Dresses scream feminity. That’s what I love the most about them, and that they make me feel special. However, what I don’t like about them, is repeating them as the same attire. The best part is digging into my closet to find a layer to add, a new look to create.

The 2 outfits for the looks in this post are monochrome inspired.

For the 1st look, I paired the dress with a camel colored tote and pumps. Gold hoops and a simple gold diamond studded bracelet complete the look.

IMG_1480 copy

IMG_1499 copy

Dress – AND

Bag – Hashtache

Shoes – Rocky Star by Rocky S

Earrings – Zara

Watch – Fossil

For my second look, all I have done is shrugged on a loose jacket, paired with a gun-metal choker and a biker wristband. My black court shoes complete the look.

IMG_1443 copy

IMG_1398 copy

Dress – AND

Jacket – KAZO

Choker – Lifestyle

Bracelet – Lifestlye

Shoes – Metro

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