Do you know that feeling? The one you get when you’ve known your purpose and strayed from it? That is exactly what I had for over 2 years and stopped having a couple weeks back.

I fought tooth and nail to study fashion because that’s what I grew up around. Watching all these pretty dresses and ripped jeans being manufactured in my father’s export factory, I kept dreaming of growing up one day and owning them all! And when I did start studying fashion designing, the realisation of the depth and intricacy, the nights where I lost sleep, the countless tests and jury’s only added to my excitement. I had found my love. And then, I strayed. For two years.

The style section in this blog was a baby step to what I subconsciously knew all along. I could never give up on designing. I mean, I have question papers from my 7th grade where I sketched a design in the middle of an examination and a whole folder of drawings of clothes that I passed around the class back in school. So, with a lot of courage, I knew I had to begin again. Go back through my journals of patterns and start anew. This is the first dress I designed for myself a couple of weeks back, including the print. There are more to come.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this process, girls, is to take what you want. Do not wait for it to come to you. Make it faster. Time is the only thing you will never have enough of.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Dress: Self-Designed

Earrings: Pantaloons

Choker: Katha

On my wrist: Chain from Accessorize

Ring: H&M

Shoes: Lavie

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