Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a penchant for anything swagger. So when I found this old denim bomber while going through the old cartons at home, I was beside myself with joy. Figuring that it belongs to Dad, even better!

I didn’t want to do a dull DOD look. So I took this long glitzy top and tied up a knot in the front, put on my camouflage pants and pulled out my swagger glasses. And voila! Here I am 🙂

PS: I have mentioned this on my Instagram handle, and this couldn’t be a better day to say this, be grateful, for every little thing you have. I swear, it multiplies. Happy Thanksgiving!

Bomber: Dad’s, Top: Code, Pants: Khodal, Glasses: Jack&Jones, Heels: Lavie, Watch: Fossil, Choker: Lifestyle.

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