Wish y’all a very Merry Christmas!



Jumpsuit: Koovs; Necklace: Forever21;  Cuff: Colaba Causeway; Rings(L-R): Koovs, Vero Moda, Koovs; Pumps: INTOTO 

Christmas is the only festival I really look forward to all year. As soon as November sets and I feel the winter chills, my heart starts racing at the very thought of the nearing Christmas. It could be that another fabulous year is coming to a close and leaving me with more memories to treasure or it could be the entire warmth of this festival, I just can never resist the charm of Christmas.

I religiously put up my tree a few days before Christmas and spend an hour decorating it. Of course, with all this excitement, comes another excuse to dress up. As if I need any more of those!

I bought this golden glittery jumpsuit a few months back because it hit home for what I thought I’d wear for Christmas. So I saved it. What a task. Christmas is not Christmas if you don’t add a little glitz. So I used my cuff, the gold and black necklace, added the rings for swag and to not make it very OTT, I paired the look with classic black pointed pumps.

PS: This was my happiest shoot ever!

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