I’ve realised over time how little value women have for themselves given our society and thus, they lack self-confidence. Most women do not reach their full potential because they subconsciously look down upon themselves.
So what if you’re fat, or skinny, or short, or too tall, or have dark skin? Does that diminish the heart, mind and soul? Should that diminish your worth? Time is the most valuable thing and I strongly believe that every woman must spend some quality time with herself. Beginning your day by putting thought into what you wear and taking that extra effort makes for a confident gait. Making it a habit will change how you look at and value yourself. Pamper yourself. Love yourself. You cannot give love if you don’t have love. You cannot give happiness if you’re not happy.
That being said, summer is here!! And I know I say this for every season, but I love summers! Its just the excitement of changing the little things in how I dress that excite me so much. Isn’t it weird? The colours and type of clothes change, but the style always remains the same. I guess that is what Yves Saint Laurent meant when he said “Style is eternal”.
I had to hit the beach for my first post. Bright colours and a happy vibe were all the positivity I needed to hit it off!
Happy Summer, y’all!
Dress: AND, Choker and Rings: Forever21

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