IMG_4685IMG_4695IMG_4702IMG_4694IMG_4704IMG_4700T-shirt and Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Metro

I have come to realise over a period, that enforcing love for yourself is the most difficult thing to do. I am now a borderline narcissist but there was a time where I looked down upon myself because I listened to some people judge me for being a plus size and I assumed that others thought that too. But you see, I was my own enemy. I came to realise (much later than I now wish) that most people are extremely loving and we often let a few harsh words sculpt our minds. I once read a quote, “Tell a girl she’s pretty a hundred times and she may still not believe it, but tell her she’s ugly just once and she will”. Sadly, that is true.

Who the hell are these people to define you or anyone? You can be any size, shape or colour. How you perceive yourself is exactly how the world perceives you. It took me a couple of years to figure that out, but here I am.

I put thought into everything I wear keeping my body type in mind. I am an hourglass and I’m short. So, I usually base my outfit around a clinched natural waist. When I saw the black dress(yes it is a dress, the part on the top is basically a tank made out of t-shirt like knit material that I would never just wear by itself), I fell in love with the skirt. I chose to pair it with a Mickey Mouse printed lace-up t-shirt. I took the excess fabric, twisted it into a knot around my natural waist and tucked it upwards so it stayed there. I keep in mind the length of my clothes to complement my height. I usually steer away from anything that goes below the narrowest part of my ankle. The electric blue lace-ups were my icing (but if you want to play safe, you can totally pair this look with black boots or black pumps).

If you or anyone you know ever need advice on styling your bodytype, you can DM me on Insta, drop a message on Facebook or hit contact in the menu above. Until then, always remember, like Eminem said, “Don’t let them say you ain’t beautiful. Just stay true to you”.

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