Happy April, y’all!

The summers have rolled in- with sweat bombs in tow! And while conscious plus size girls watch the other girls wear shorts, crop tops or sheer clothes, we feel deflated because we want to and we think we will never be able to. After all, someone with thick arms, huge thighs or a paunch must be damned to a certain way of dressing, right? WRONG! It is time to break that myth in our heads and take one step forward towards our hearts desires. Your mind is the only barrier you will ever face.

Start with baby steps. Pair long sheer tops over crop tops. Or wear fishnet stockings under those shorts. Keep it comfortable. Experiment. Observation will always reveal what flatters you. As y’all know, black is my favourite colour. I picked this sheer lacy slit slip dress. I decided to pair it with an old crop top I had and black leggings. Since the neckline was a deep V, I saw the opportunity to wear this necklace that was in my closet for around 2 years now. Because I wore the statement necklace, I chose black shoes and stuck to minimal jewellery(couple of finger rings and a watch). If you want to pair this attire with a choker or long earrings, you can opt for shoes in metallic colours keeping the look elegant.

Keeping in mind my statement necklace, which is so close to my face, I decided to ditch the smokey eyes and instead, opted for glossy eyes and a classic red lip.

Hope you enjoy the post!

IMG_4737IMG_4757IMG_4744IMG_4746IMG_4752Slip dress: Forever21, Necklace: Blissbox, Watch: Guess, Rings: Forever21, Shoes: Intoto


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