I always identified with the Phoenix being my spirit animal. You know, the whole rising anew from its own ashes deal. And sometimes, there are just words that stick in your head. And Rise was one such word. I honestly believe what when you fall, you’ve got to stay there, heal and get the hell back up. You can crib and complain call you want, but eventually, you must get the hell back up with lessons learnt. That is truly rising to me.

For the past eight months or rather since I heard Rise by Katy Perry for the first time, it has been my go to mantra. And like everything I hear or watch that helps in raising the warrior within me, this stuck. It has inspired me and reminded me of who I needed to be, every single time.

When I woke up two days back, the first thing I saw was the word Rise on my wrist (the tattoo, I mean) and I knew then and there that I’d have to share the emphasis of this word to me with you guys.

This video is of me singing my favourite bit from the song.

Love always. xoxo

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