IMG_4937IMG_4967 copyIMG_4897IMG_4903IMG_4916IMG_4917IMG_4932IMG_4979Skirt: Found in my old bags, Bodysuit: Koovs, Earrings: Zara, Ring: Shazé, Heels: Lavie

Monsoons are here! And they always get me in a good mood. I am smiling bigger, laughing louder, sounding chirpier and waking up happier. A lot of people feel the monsoons are gloomy, but to me, they’ve always been beautiful. I’m a water person. My entire travel bucket list consists of places around water bodies. I guess there’s something about the flow, the peace, the infinity.

And happy moods naturally call for brighter colours. A lot of you may not know, but my father used to own an export house. And as a child, I always kept samples I loved aside. This skirt is one of those samples. Obviously, it wasn’t my size as a kid, but now, it fits just right. Even as a child, I knew what I liked.

Also, I’ve always had a thing for any bottoms that are natural-waist high. The colour, the little sparkles on it, the strings handing at the sides, the flow.. The overall magical feel of this skirt had always pulled me in. And I am so happy to share this look with you guys! My ideal choice would have been to pair something that was an off shoulder and white in colour. But, I wanted to step a little out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to pair the skirt with this gun-metal coloured shiny bodysuit. I chose my silver ankle strap heels. And kept the accessories to a bare minimum. I chose my silver studded snake earrings and my statement silver ring to go with the look.

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