It always angered me when I saw plus size women wear only kurtas or salwars because they thought they couldn’t wear something form-fitting. Now, I don’t have anything against any type of dressing-especially Indian (gotta love those ethnic looks). But, I do have a lot against not being able to do what you want to because of a mental trap. Honestly, well fitted clothes are not only extremely presentable and good looking, but also add a lot of confidence to the way you carry yourself.

For very long, I blamed this attitude on brands not delivering to sizes above certain measurements. Hence, I was very happy to discover XXLLENT that not only caters specifically to plus sizes, but also has designs that flatter the curves. I was super-excited when I received this dress from them. It is so modest, yet has the right amount of sexiness to it. You can shop this dress from here and check their website out here.

P.S: This cute little poser kept entering the frame time and again IMG_5082

Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time. Much love. xoxo

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