Let me be honest with y’all. Am I a fan of quirk? No! But this t-shirt? Hell yeah!

I am big on being comfortable irrespective of the occasion. Because comfort exudes confidence. This particular t-shirt is another level of comfort. The fabric is soft and feels extremely light. The overall vibe is very comfy. I fell in love with this print and the navy blue colour instantly. You can find more quirky products like this t-shirt at PrintOctopus. The one I’m wearing is Hanjee Hello T-shirt. Go check it out!


But, since overtly casual is not my style, I decided to amp it up (obviously).


I have a thing for tying knots at my natural waist. And I obviously did not waste the opportunity. Because I wanted to amp it up, I decided to pair it with these front high-slit pants and fishnet stockings under. To make the vibe a little more street style, I made sure the stockings were visible at my midriff under my knotted t-shirt. And y’all know how I love my boots! I had to pair them up with this look. Since I wanted to still keep the look a little casual, the statement ring was my only accessory. You can also wear long hoop earrings along if you want.

I hope you guys like how I styled this look.


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