Being happy and carefree. Loving yourself for who you are. Letting go of your inhibitions. Setting yourself free. Being positive. Attracting your desired life. Standing tall. Empowering and inspiring yourself and then others. Building up and growing together.

Few things are essential for your survival. For a sane and healthy mind. How you look at them defines your very being. And how you live them decides your mental health in the long run. A lot of you may not know, but sometime back, I was depressed. I kept looking for validation and happiness everywhere but within. I felt a void in me that I thought only something external could fill. But it obviously didn’t despite all my efforts. My will to move past the depression made me introspect on my thought patterns. On how I was affecting myself and I only had myself to blame for that. And that was a good thing, since it was only I that could rectify.

Ever since I made up my mind, I have the best relationship with myself. All of those things I’ve mentioned above, are an essential part of me today. This amazing friend of mine, Pooja Shah who I’ve known for over 8 years now had the exact same mindset. We have varied physiques but she’s the sunshine to my intensity. We wanted to catch our differences and our similarities in these pictures and I’m elated that we did!


Until next time, xoxo.

P.S: Check the man who did a brilliant job at capturing us and our vibes Parth Gada.

P.P.S: We’ve crossed 10K on Instagram!! Thank you for your constant love and support.



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