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What is freedom? Someone I knew was once asked this question and that got me thinking. Of course, the perception of freedom is subjective. But freedom to me is being able to set your own boundaries. Freedom to me is being able to claim your space and spread your wings as far as you can. Freedom to me is being able to learn from your mistakes rather than being forced to imagine conflicts.

I met this guy, Deepen Sharma when I was in college. I was instantly mesmerised by his charisma and the confidence with which he carried himself. So, years later, when I wanted to write about freedom and create a concept that had its own wings, he was the first person I thought of. And boy, was I glad I did. This shoot was a whirlwind.

We’re both distinct strong personalities. We’re both confident in our skin. Which is why we’re able to rock our looks all the time. We’ve both developed it over time. What I mean to say is, loving yourself is something that needs to be developed in most people. It is a conscious effort. You must look at yourself positively and cut all negativity out- because you don’t deserve that shit. And when you find someone that pushes you forward just as much as you push them (these are most often angels disguised as friends), stick to them. There’s nothing like reminiscing over the stories of growing together.

Love yourself, value yourself. And I swear, no one can put you down. Ever. Not without your permission at least.

Love you Dee!

P.S: Would love to know what you guys want to see next!

P.P.S: This candid is everything.

Makeup by Simmy Goraya

Photographer Shawn Vaz

Location: Queens Kitchen & Mocktails


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Until next time, xoxo.

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