Hi Guys!

I know its been awfully long since my last blogpost. But I am back now and I’ve been working on something that you’ll will know in the next week or so. I’m super excited!

Coming on to this post now.

Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that was just lying in your wardrobe forever and you always wore it in the same boring way? Yeah. This top was that for me. And I realised when I recently looked at it (with my year old newfound sense of style) that there are definitely a couple of ways I could wear it differently. Take a look.

IMG_5582Top: AND

This is the top. And I always wore it with leggings or high waist jeans. But given my body shape, I realised it just looked bleh. It is safe to assume, that looking bleh was the reason it was in hiding for so long. I have always stood by my belief that a right fit can change the game. So I decided to create structure using two techniques as follows:

  1. Belt it upIMG_5630IMG_5626IMG_5618Leggings: Khodal, Earrings: Koovs, Belt: Vero Moda

    Belting a lose top at the right spot is always a great idea to add structure to any outfit. And for a curvy woman, the right spot is ALWAYS the narrowest part of your waist.

    Since the top was one solid colour, I decided to play with a little print and hence I used printed leggings in the same colour family. To break the monotony of the blues, I added a slim brown belt with gold detailing to match the buttons in the top. And because I had already played around so much, I paired this look with nude heels. A brown watch to match the belt and gold hoop earrings later, I was done!


  2. Knot it up IMG_5672I opened the last 2 buttons of the top and tied the ends together, pulling them till they reached my natural waist in height.

IMG_5646IMG_5642IMG_5639IMG_5661Skirt: Forever21, Necklace: Zara, Watch: Fossil, Heels: Catwalk

Because the flow of the top had reduced drastically after tying the ends into a knot at the front, I chose to pair this top with a tight-fitted black knee length skirt. I opened the topmost button and put on a statement necklace to enhance the dressy vibe of the outfit. I then paired the look with bronze metallic heels to add a little more oomph and wore a bronze watch to complete the look.

These are two easy and simple ways to style any loose fitting asymmetric top irrespective of your size and shape. Both these tricks will work as effectively on you as they did on me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do let me know which look you like better in the comments below.

Until next time! xoxo


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