Like many others, I jumped on the bandwagon of ‘body positive’ women because I strongly believe in loving yourself and not shaming your body. And I still believe that is how one should be. And ever since I started loving myself, I started eating right to respect my body. And when I realised that wasn’t the only thing to help my body, I decided to visit Clinic Metamorphosis. When I met the consultant, she explained to me how much danger my body was in with the amount of fat accumulated around my vital organs. Blame it on my crazy schedule or my procrastination when it comes to actually having my body sweat, I knew I needed a push. I immediately signed up for 15 sessions. And it helped me vastly!

In those 15 sessions, I lost around 5kgs (and to be honest, this was even though I failed to maintain my lost weight a couple of times). The process is very simple, they use various techniques ranging from laser to EMV to heat to target the problem area. And those techniques help break down your fats. Adding in a little workout (even a 30 minute walk)  will help further. I make and attend a few long phone calls throughout the day, so unless I’m taking notes, that’s when I try and walk a little more. The best part was, I could still continue working throughout my sessions. My Instagram uploads, emails, phone calls and research (all things that could be done over the phone) were allotted to those 90 minutes! And if I had free time, I had a TV at my disposal. There wasn’t a moment when I didn’t know the details of my treatment. I was explained my procedure before every session so well, that I can explain the benefits of each of them to anyone!

Now, I know some of you may feel that body positivity is embracing yourself the way you are. And in a way, it is. You must embrace yourself no matter what. But isn’t body positivity also respecting yourself? Respecting your health in the long term? Being body positive shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy living or unhealthy habits.

Even though I now workout on days that I can manage and try to eat as much healthy food as possible, I still love my curves and my size. I may lose some weight, but hey, who’s knees will be happier in the next 20 years? Mine! Who’s body organs will thank them? Mine!

IMG_5773 copyIMG_5807 copyIMG_5777 copyIMG_5804 copy

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for long, you’ll notice the way I pose has become bolder and that is because I’m loving the change within me. It’s not about how much weight I lost, trust me, I don’t really care. It is about how much difference I feel in the way I am. I was metamorphosed by Metamorphosis! You can check them out here and you Instagram lovers can check them out here. You can also write to me on my email id and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

All in all, I would encourage each of you to love yourself and treat your body with as much love, care and respect as much you’d like to be treated by someone else. And don’t wait, just take the plunge. Now is the time.

Love always, xoxo

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