As a plus-sized woman, one of the main concerns I had with dressing was the prominent tummy bulge with certain outfits.

And while I now know that it is absolutely okay to have that and I do not want to condemn myself, there are ways in which you can dress to flatter your body shape. One of them is to wear a mid-waist trouser or denim to tuck the top in.


If you notice, my tunic with high slits has been tucked in at the front. Now, had I worn high-waist trousers, my entire belly would have been visible due to the fit of the trouser. Instead, with a mid-waist trouser, it has been broken into two parts. Tucking the tunic at the front has also given the outfit a dimension as opposed to how plain it could look otherwise. I kept the colours in the same family as they would look much better together. Since the tunic had a deep v-neck, I used a choker. A couple of rings and these cinderella pumps later, I was done.

IMG_6173IMG_6191Top: Only, Trousers: Khodal, Choker: Lifestyle Stores, Statement ring: Avrom, Other Rings: Forever21, Shoes: Lulu&Sky

Do send me pictures when you try this out. I would love to see them.

Until next time! xoxo

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