Let me begin by stating that I’m not someone who blindly follows influencer trends. But ever since I saw Kim Kardashian’s blood smeared face, I wondered why she would do that. Further research brought me to the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment, infamously known as the Vampire facial.

It was a little difficult to digest the benefits that protein from our own blood could deliver. I’ll state a few here and then dive into the process and what I feel about it. The most well known benefits are anti-ageing (reduction of fine lines and wrinkles), reduction in pigments, reduction in scars, pore minimisation and hydration.

Trying to find a vein to take about 5ml of blood

When I realised they’d probably take blood from my vein on the hand instead of arm

Thankfully she only took it from my arm. Good doctor.

Centrifuged my blood in this machine where the red blood cells were separated from the plasma.

Meanwhile, my skin was cleared and an anaesthetic cream was applied and then infused with the help of plastic sheets for about 30 minutes till my skin got numb.

The next step involves a pen with a few needles. It’s called micro-blading. These needles are tiny enough so they only pierce the superficial layers of skin.

The procedure begins with the yellow PRP liquid in the injection being sprayed on the skin, the pen being rubbed over your skin to open it up and then the PRP being massaged into it.

The process was painfree apart from some sensitive areas, where it kind of felt like getting a tattoo, but took only a few seconds. But after the anaesthesia wore off, my skin was on fire!

The post care is pretty simple: anti-biotic ointment for the next 3 nights and regular use of moisturiser and sunscreen (which you must do anyway if you want a healthy skin).

About 3 days later, my skin was still healing. There were red patches and my skin was sensitive in certain areas.

But it’s been about 15 days since, and I love the change. It’s visible with even my makeup on because the texture is so much better.

I remember the first thing my friend who was kind enough to sit through the whole procedure with me said to me. My face was red and blotchy and I probably looked like a really mad Hagrid. But she said my skin looked tighter. And she was right. Not only did my skin get tighter, it got fuller and healthier. Pigmentation and scars had reduced significantly and the 2 pores I loathed had become so much smaller. Besides, my skin is so hydrated.

A lot of people have asked me why I would go to the length of taking blood out and poking needles in my face. I believe strongly in modern technology and its boons. I’d rather keep up and soak all that it has to offer than sit back and hope I had it in me to risk. But of course, I trust Clinic Metamorphosis. I wouldn’t have gotten this done anywhere else. I’ve been to their clinic a few times before and they’re the most positive clinic I’ve received a treatment at.

You can get in touch with them here and avail a 15% discount across all categories with my referral code INFORSTYLE15.

Until next time.

Much love,

Dimple xx

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