Hey you guys!

I know last week was my 1st post in months and I kinda almost tanked on my resolutions for this year. But I’m back now, for good.

You see, sometimes you go through situations and you let people and circumstances define you. And that’s alright, because most times the only way out is through. I’ve hurt and burned, combusted and risen. Because I realised something very important. Infact, I wrote it down early this evening as a revelation.

And I quote – Don’t let people or situations make you feel bereft. Remember, you are your own home. You were standing before they came and you will still be standing long after they leave.

With my fall pantone series (I will only wear colours that are best suited to my skin tone, duh!), I couldn’t begin with a colour more suited to the chaos within me. You see, the Poppy Red is bright. But it symbolises so much more. Love and Hate. Strength and Sensitivity. Romance and Wrath. Courage and Malice. Passion and Danger. Desire and Anger. Sexuality and Stress. Joy and Rage. So many paradoxes and most of them living within each of us. I’ve faced them on the regular. But above all, it represents fire. Hot raging destructive flames, but also flames that aid the re-birth of a phoenix.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures below. Do let me know what this colour stands for for you and if you’d want me to style a specific colour.

All the jewellery is by The Populor. Can’t wait to share more of that news later. Soon.

IMG_8322IMG_8375IMG_8387IMG_8440IMG_8492IMG_8406IMG_8431(Also, we’re now 20K strong on Instagram now. If you’re not following, hit the link!)

Much love,

Dimple xoxo

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