Hello and welcome to my very first blogpost featuring Indian festive wear!!!

For the past two years, I’ve refrained from writing about festive outfits because to be honest, even though I looooove dressing up in them (what with the elaborate makeup and jewellery-also, can go all bling without being judged) I hate how heavy and uncomfortable they get if worn for longer than a couple of hours. But there’s just something about these outfits that makes you feel pretty and delicate, brings out the grace in tomboys and of course, ALWAYS brings compliments.

Since the wedding/festive season is here, I couldn’t help myself this year. I’m not sure if it’s this pretty outfit that’s comfortable or my newfound desire to bring almost every thought inside my head to life, but here it is!

The outfit I’m wearing here is a 3 piece. Leggings, an anarkali and a jacket on top. Of course, this is a day wear and I would probably wear it for every function except an actual wedding (because c’mon, that calls for a lot of bling!) The fabric allowed me to breathe and I just couldn’t stop twirling. Clothes that make me happy are the best!

It was pretty easy to style this one because the outfit speaks for itself. Some gold earrings, my mother’s gold bangle, a pair of golden wedges, a tong to curl my hair and a truckload of makeup was all I needed to finish the look.


Outfit by aLL. You can click here to buy this outfit. Also, if you use my referral code DIMP300, you’ll receive discounts. (these are not affiliate links)

A new post will be up later this week.

Until then,

Love, Dimple. xoxo

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