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It’s Just A Phase

Oftentimes I’ve been told that I victimise myself, that I overthink, overdo, overreact- that these behavioural tendencies can change, that they’re only temporary, if only I changed myself.  I’d always felt that I viewed people differently, empathised more, felt strongly, gave and stood by more fiercely as compared to what I’d ever received. And that made me question the base, the authenticity, the very … Read More It’s Just A Phase



Today has been memorable in more ways than one. I went from dealing with anxiety in the morning to something that’s a milestone in my life. And even though I currently feel the anxiety lurking within me, the euphoria is just so much stronger. And even with how hopeless and helpless I’ve felt lately, I know I’ll be okay. More than okay. Which is … Read More 🖤


Hurt Breeds Hurt but Love Nurtures Love

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a while, but heads up- this is probably going to sound like a long rant. But I promise, it has been long coming and is much needed. I’m a part of a club that meets once a week. On Sunday, one of the members on the stage was correcting another member and said she had “an Alia Bhatt moment”*. … Read More Hurt Breeds Hurt but Love Nurtures Love



Hey y’all! If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll have read my post on how I’ve been subconsciously trying to write about mental health and where I stand today with it. Each of us go through phases. Some good, some bad. But who we are is a reflection of what we’ve learnt and implemented. I was someone who had become emotionally unavailable to people due … Read More Naked


3 ways to style a basic tee

Total disclaimer: I’m not basic. I don’t do basics. But I LOVE to play with basics and amp them up. This t-shirt was one such. When I saw it online, I really liked the rad print. What aided my decision was the fact that 10% of the proceeds go towards The Dharavi Project. But when I received the t-shirt, I instantly fell in love with the comfort … Read More 3 ways to style a basic tee


Pantone Series: Poppy Red

Hey you guys! I know last week was my 1st post in months and I kinda almost tanked on my resolutions for this year. But I’m back now, for good. You see, sometimes you go through situations and you let people and circumstances define you. And that’s alright, because most times the only way out is through. I’ve hurt and burned, combusted and risen. … Read More Pantone Series: Poppy Red


Knot it up!

Hey y’all! If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you know how I like to play around by wearing the same piece of clothing in different ways. If you haven’t been following me for long, now you know. So, for this post, I have a top that I’ve already posted up here. I recently went to my brother’s birthday dinner and tied it up … Read More Knot it up!

Highlights of 2017

  2017!! You have been a beautiful melancholy! No year has tested me as much as you have. No year has been as much of an emotional roller coaster as you have. You made me realise how much strength and patience I have within me. You taught me to love myself and value myself. You showed me the power of taking reigns of my … Read More Highlights of 2017


I always identified with the Phoenix being my spirit animal. You know, the whole rising anew from its own ashes deal. And sometimes, there are just words that stick in your head. And Rise was one such word. I honestly believe what when you fall, you’ve got to stay there, heal and get the hell back up. You can crib and complain call you … Read More Rise


Effortless Streetstyle

It is very rare for me to wake up in a mood where I don’t want to spend too much time on dressing up. And while I used to succumb to dressing in my tracks on those days years ago, it all changed once I consciously formed the habit of using my mind to map out safe choices. It didn’t take long for my … Read More Effortless Streetstyle


How To Break A Traditional Ethnic Into Separates

Have you ever struggled with those heavy ethnic outfits just lying in your wardrobe? I swear, mine only see the world outside home on weddings. Hence, when I came across an old outfit, I couldn’t resist picking the ethnic designed long shrug that was a part of it. You can pick bits off too. Maybe the anarkali top by itself as a dress. Just … Read More How To Break A Traditional Ethnic Into Separates

A Happy 2017!

  Happy New Year, y’all! I know I’m 3 days late, but as they say – better late than never. 2016 has been amazing! I started my blog and received so much appreciation from you guys, friends and family. Crossed 3K followers on Insta and 1300 likes on my Facebook page in 5 months! I am extremely grateful because while I thought being a … Read More A Happy 2017!

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