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Diwali Outfit

With Diwali coming up, I couldn’t not design my own outfit! So, I set to sketching. I am a bling person as long as it is moderated and most definitely if it’s concentrated on one part. Also, I’ve always loved high necks and chokers making it a definite to have the bling concentrated there. Where I would wear this apart from Diwali? Any function … Read More Diwali Outfit


Mom & Me at La Prairie

With a week to go for Diwali, primping our homes is not the only change we go for. With us ladies, this is another excuse to go splurge on ourselves. So I thought, why not take my mom out for something different this time? I wanted her to have a different experience as opposed to the routine facials she always went for. I visited … Read More Mom & Me at La Prairie


Rosy Red

Red. The symbolisms of this colour are as varied as contradictory amongst themselves. There’s blood and fire, love, passion, desire, heat, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance,  rage, danger, malice, wrath, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination. For me, it has always been love and passion. Hence, I always relate it to roses. So when I came across this off shoulder crop top, I couldn’t help but want to … Read More Rosy Red


5 days of glittery flats challenge!

I love glitter and sparkle, albeit in moderation. So when I purchased these flats from Head Over Heels at Westside, I was so smitten that I decided to take up a 5 day challenge of wearing only them as my footwear. Having a busy week ahead, these were just perfect as they provided comfort, a little glam and the almond shaped toes made them … Read More 5 days of glittery flats challenge!

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