Pantone Series: Poppy Red

Hey you guys!

I know last week was my 1st post in months and I kinda almost tanked on my resolutions for this year. But I’m back now, for good.

You see, sometimes you go through situations and you let people and circumstances define you. And that’s alright, because most times the only way out is through. I’ve hurt and burned, combusted and risen. Because I realised something very important. Infact, I wrote it down early this evening as a revelation.

And I quote – Don’t let people or situations make you feel bereft. Remember, you are your own home. You were standing before they came and you will still be standing long after they leave.

With my fall pantone series (I will only wear colours that are best suited to my skin tone, duh!), I couldn’t begin with a colour more suited to the chaos within me. You see, the Poppy Red is bright. But it symbolises so much more. Love and Hate. Strength and Sensitivity. Romance and Wrath. Courage and Malice. Passion and Danger. Desire and Anger. Sexuality and Stress. Joy and Rage. So many paradoxes and most of them living within each of us. I’ve faced them on the regular. But above all, it represents fire. Hot raging destructive flames, but also flames that aid the re-birth of a phoenix.

I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures below. Do let me know what this colour stands for for you and if you’d want me to style a specific colour.

All the jewellery is by The Populor. Can’t wait to share more of that news later. Soon.

IMG_8322IMG_8375IMG_8387IMG_8440IMG_8492IMG_8406IMG_8431(Also, we’re now 20K strong on Instagram now. If you’re not following, hit the link!)

Much love,

Dimple xoxo


Vampire Facial ft. Clinic Metamorphosis

Let me begin by stating that I’m not someone who blindly follows influencer trends. But ever since I saw Kim Kardashian’s blood smeared face, I wondered why she would do that. Further research brought me to the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment, infamously known as the Vampire facial.

It was a little difficult to digest the benefits that protein from our own blood could deliver. I’ll state a few here and then dive into the process and what I feel about it. The most well known benefits are anti-ageing (reduction of fine lines and wrinkles), reduction in pigments, reduction in scars, pore minimisation and hydration.

Trying to find a vein to take about 5ml of blood

When I realised they’d probably take blood from my vein on the hand instead of arm

Thankfully she only took it from my arm. Good doctor.

Centrifuged my blood in this machine where the red blood cells were separated from the plasma.

Meanwhile, my skin was cleared and an anaesthetic cream was applied and then infused with the help of plastic sheets for about 30 minutes till my skin got numb.

The next step involves a pen with a few needles. It’s called micro-blading. These needles are tiny enough so they only pierce the superficial layers of skin.

The procedure begins with the yellow PRP liquid in the injection being sprayed on the skin, the pen being rubbed over your skin to open it up and then the PRP being massaged into it.

The process was painfree apart from some sensitive areas, where it kind of felt like getting a tattoo, but took only a few seconds. But after the anaesthesia wore off, my skin was on fire!

The post care is pretty simple: anti-biotic ointment for the next 3 nights and regular use of moisturiser and sunscreen (which you must do anyway if you want a healthy skin).

About 3 days later, my skin was still healing. There were red patches and my skin was sensitive in certain areas.

But it’s been about 15 days since, and I love the change. It’s visible with even my makeup on because the texture is so much better.

I remember the first thing my friend who was kind enough to sit through the whole procedure with me said to me. My face was red and blotchy and I probably looked like a really mad Hagrid. But she said my skin looked tighter. And she was right. Not only did my skin get tighter, it got fuller and healthier. Pigmentation and scars had reduced significantly and the 2 pores I loathed had become so much smaller. Besides, my skin is so hydrated.

A lot of people have asked me why I would go to the length of taking blood out and poking needles in my face. I believe strongly in modern technology and its boons. I’d rather keep up and soak all that it has to offer than sit back and hope I had it in me to risk. But of course, I trust Clinic Metamorphosis. I wouldn’t have gotten this done anywhere else. I’ve been to their clinic a few times before and they’re the most positive clinic I’ve received a treatment at.

You can get in touch with them here and avail a 15% discount across all categories with my referral code INFORSTYLE15.

Until next time.

Much love,

Dimple xx


Knot it up!

Hey y’all!

If you’ve been following me since the beginning, you know how I like to play around by wearing the same piece of clothing in different ways. If you haven’t been following me for long, now you know.

So, for this post, I have a top that I’ve already posted up here. I recently went to my brother’s birthday dinner and tied it up over a pencil skirt. It gave such a beautiful structure to my outfit, that I had to post it up here!


All I’ve done, is take a long knit kurta and tie up the front and back as a knot at the side of my waist. I’ve paired it with a flared skirt for this look. But you can check out how I paired it with the pencil skirt here. Since there were sliver specs on the top, I chose to go minimal and silver with my accessories. I used my silver pendant, gunmetal choker, watch, cuff and a statement ring to go with the outfit. I ended the look with basic silver ankle straps.

I feel this style just hugs my curves at the right places making the look so chic yet a little sexy.


I kept my makeup in the blush tones and was set to go! You can also pair this knotted style of top with palazzos or distressed denims depending on your mood or the occasion.

So go ahead girls! Give it a shot and let me know how you like it.

Until next time, xoxo.


My Vision For 2018

Happy 2018, y’all!


New year brings new beginnings, right? Some would differ here. And rightly so. Same old house, same old car, same old job, same old friends and same old you, right? Wrong. If you want to live with the same old you, you’ll only be stagnant there till you’re rudely awakened by life from your stupor.

Beginning your year, or just beginning anything in general with set goals means you challenge yourself. And when you challenge yourself, you win or you learn. Either way, you have much more experience than if you had remained stagnant. If there’s one thing I loathe, it is being mediocre. And that means I have to constantly challenge myself. I don’t want to be a dinosaur in a constantly changing world where there are so many people bettering themselves each day! And hence, here I am in 2018. Not with a bucket list, but with a list of goals. 5 of which I am sharing here with you guys.

L I S T   O F   G O A L S :

1)  Get better- I know this sounds extremely off the top and not in the least specific. But thats exactly what this is. I want to review each thing I used to do and figure a way to do it in a better way. That means research more, work harder and prioritise, organise and manage better.

2) Work on my physique- It is no secret that I love being a plus size. If a genie were to appear miraculously offering to make me thin, I would refuse. But I do want to work hard on becoming fit as a human. My body deserves it. I have said this before and I’ll say it again, if being a plus size is your choice, so be it. But don’t let that be an excuse to neglect your health.

3) Add value- 2017 was my best year so far. I have received so much love and appreciation from you guys. I’ve made so many friends over the internet. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a few other beautiful body positive women. I’ve met women that have encouraged and pushed me and I’ve done the same in return. This year, I want to add value to all your lives. I want to create and post content that makes you question yourself, motivates you to take the steps required and inspires you to change things you’ve wanted to. This year is about how I can help you!

4) Purpose- Whenever I have taken a big step in my life, like beginning my blog, joining a club or making decisions, I’ve made sure they’re backed by a purpose. It helps me focus. Staying true to my purpose means my result will remain the same while I am at liberty to be flexible with my approach/approaches depending on the situation. And that has worked brilliantly so far. 2018 is about reinforcing that within me.

5) Create a community for mental health awareness- Around the time I began my blog, I was under depression. For those of who you don’t know, I was so deep under, I got suicidal. I am now out of it but I still have days and sometimes weeks when I dip back under. I always come back out. But I know how it feels. And I know that it is very difficult to find someone who can understand you. So, I want to create an environment where people with a similar state of mind can come together and help each other grow. More details about this will be up soon.

IMG_6631Dress: Zara, Heels: Lulu&Sky, Ring: Avrom Jewels, Lippie: KatVonD


All of this spread over a span of around 360 days is definitely achievable! Above all of this, I want to express myself as and when I want. I want to be more confident this year, be bolder. I want to love better and give more. I want to shine brighter and be more glam than I was last year. Above all, what I don’t want is what we have to end. I love you guys and you have no idea how big a role you’ll have played in shaping me up as a person in 2017.


If you want a successful year ahead and haven’t set goals, now is the time. I urge you to do so. There’s nothing better than the pressure of a ticking clock to get you running towards your goal. Let’s review our goals at the end of 2018!

Here’s to achievements this year!

Until next time, xoxo.



Highlights of 2017


2017!! You have been a beautiful melancholy!

No year has tested me as much as you have. No year has been as much of an emotional roller coaster as you have. You made me realise how much strength and patience I have within me. You taught me to love myself and value myself. You showed me the power of taking reigns of my life into my own hands. You have been a beauty! We have achieved so much together and I will forever be grateful for a fabulous and fulfilling year like you.

Thank you for the times you were kind and thank you for the times you weren’t. I have emerged stronger.



Tucking In A Top For Plus Size Women

As a plus-sized woman, one of the main concerns I had with dressing was the prominent tummy bulge with certain outfits.

And while I now know that it is absolutely okay to have that and I do not want to condemn myself, there are ways in which you can dress to flatter your body shape. One of them is to wear a mid-waist trouser or denim to tuck the top in.


If you notice, my tunic with high slits has been tucked in at the front. Now, had I worn high-waist trousers, my entire belly would have been visible due to the fit of the trouser. Instead, with a mid-waist trouser, it has been broken into two parts. Tucking the tunic at the front has also given the outfit a dimension as opposed to how plain it could look otherwise. I kept the colours in the same family as they would look much better together. Since the tunic had a deep v-neck, I used a choker. A couple of rings and these cinderella pumps later, I was done.

IMG_6173IMG_6191Top: Only, Trousers: Khodal, Choker: Lifestyle Stores, Statement ring: Avrom, Other Rings: Forever21, Shoes: Lulu&Sky

Do send me pictures when you try this out. I would love to see them.

Until next time! xoxo


Why I Was The Warrior Princess For Halloween

IMG_5980IMG_6015IMG_6038IMG_6048IMG_6053Dress: Forever21, Leather Jacket: Self Designed, Belt: Vero Moda,

Kickass Power-Ring: Avrom Jewels, Heels: Lulu&Sky


A belated Happy Halloween, y’all!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a few days now, but this one’s a little difficult for me. Never the less, I really do want to share this with you guys. And here it is!

Halloween is a celebration of the dead, for the dead. “It originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts”, says Google.

When I met my make-up artist -who’s fabulous, by the way (you can check her work out here)- we spoke about a couple of ideas and I told her I really wanted to do something that channeled my inner Goddess. The first two words she uttered fit right in for me. She said ‘Warrior Princess’. And that is just so true for me, since I’ve always viewed myself as one.

You see, up until a year back, I was depressed. I suffered from insomnia and constantly battled with myself for my life because every fibre within me wanted me to take my life. Even a simple task such as cooking instant noodles was proving to be extremely difficult because the mere sight of the scissor that I used to cut the packet open ignited a desire to slit my wrist open. And people kept telling me I was doing nothing with my life since all I did was read or watch series/movies online all day. But little did they know, that numb state was what kept me going. I kept feeling I was the only one, and I kept feeling no one would understand. So I didn’t tell anyone, up until a point when I realised I needed help.

So I told a friend, then another. They said they understood, that they were there for me,  and I felt better. I then told some more people, who seemed to understand, but only momentarily. And then even the friends who said they understood turned against me. That’s when I hit the rock bottom. And I decided that night that I would never tell anyone again. I also decided that I would grow from that state no matter what. If it was my mind that kept me so sad, only my mind could make me happy. So I took conscious efforts. I focused on helping myself. And to be very honest, this blog helped too.

I fought for myself, and I emerged as a victor. That is why the warrior princess resonated with me. My depression is the only ghost I know I will fight again and again because it temporarily resurfaces now and then. But I know for a fact, that I will get through. No matter what.

If you’re reading this and you know what I’m talking about, if you feel you’re the only one going through this endless state, you’re not. Yes, your experience and reasons are unique and only yours, but I bet you you’re not alone. In this feeling of helplessness, this state where you cry and bawl your eyes out for no reason, you’re not alone. If you’ve been battling for your life and seem to be losing it, get help. I’m a hundred percent sure you know if you’re depressed. Don’t let anyone, and I mean anyone tell you it’s just a phase and it will pass. Because it won’t. If you accept that, it will stay. You must fight it. And I promise you the fight is worth it. I am here after all, right?

If any of y’all ever want to speak about your state with me, you can write to me at dimplemehhta@gmail.com. I swear, it will remain between us.

Thank you for contributing hugely to my life.

Until next time, xoxo.

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