How To Style Flowy Natural-Waist High Skirt

IMG_4937IMG_4967 copyIMG_4897IMG_4903IMG_4916IMG_4917IMG_4932IMG_4979Skirt: Found in my old bags, Bodysuit: Koovs, Earrings: Zara, Ring: Shazé, Heels: Lavie

Monsoons are here! And they always get me in a good mood. I am smiling bigger, laughing louder, sounding chirpier and waking up happier. A lot of people feel the monsoons are gloomy, but to me, they’ve always been beautiful. I’m a water person. My entire travel bucket list consists of places around water bodies. I guess there’s something about the flow, the peace, the infinity.

And happy moods naturally call for brighter colours. A lot of you may not know, but my father used to own an export house. And as a child, I always kept samples I loved aside. This skirt is one of those samples. Obviously, it wasn’t my size as a kid, but now, it fits just right. Even as a child, I knew what I liked.

Also, I’ve always had a thing for any bottoms that are natural-waist high. The colour, the little sparkles on it, the strings handing at the sides, the flow.. The overall magical feel of this skirt had always pulled me in. And I am so happy to share this look with you guys! My ideal choice would have been to pair something that was an off shoulder and white in colour. But, I wanted to step a little out of my comfort zone. So, I decided to pair the skirt with this gun-metal coloured shiny bodysuit. I chose my silver ankle strap heels. And kept the accessories to a bare minimum. I chose my silver studded snake earrings and my statement silver ring to go with the look.


I always identified with the Phoenix being my spirit animal. You know, the whole rising anew from its own ashes deal. And sometimes, there are just words that stick in your head. And Rise was one such word. I honestly believe what when you fall, you’ve got to stay there, heal and get the hell back up. You can crib and complain call you want, but eventually, you must get the hell back up with lessons learnt. That is truly rising to me.

For the past eight months or rather since I heard Rise by Katy Perry for the first time, it has been my go to mantra. And like everything I hear or watch that helps in raising the warrior within me, this stuck. It has inspired me and reminded me of who I needed to be, every single time.

When I woke up two days back, the first thing I saw was the word Rise on my wrist (the tattoo, I mean) and I knew then and there that I’d have to share the emphasis of this word to me with you guys.

This video is of me singing my favourite bit from the song.

Love always. xoxo


Midriff-Reveal Fixation

IMG_1058IMG_1056IMG_1055IMG_1054IMG_1059Crop top, Skirt, Shrug and Earrings: Forever21, Watch:GUESS, Ring: Accessorize, Heels: Catwalk

Before I began blogging, I thought I had begun to accept and love myself for being me. But in the past 8 months, with the love and appreciation I have received from you all, I have come to love myself even more. Your love has revealed my hidden strengths. I have realised how fearless I am. For this and much more, I will be eternally grateful to you all. Thank you. You are amazing! Here’s sending all my love and positive vibes to y’all (:

Ever since my Sheer Lace&Right Attitude post, I have developed a midriff-reveal fixation. Since I am an hourglass, I like outfits that accentuate my comparatively narrow natural waist. This lovely crop top had such amazing lace detailing on the neckline, I had to pick it up. I chose to pair it with a knee length black skirt. The white delicate embroidery on the mustard shrug enhances the pair. I decided to wear heels with accents similar to the shrug and the top because I chose the cascading blue earrings.

Love always!


Brunch Date Outfit

IMG_1049IMG_1045IMG_1044IMG_1041IMG_4789IMG_4802IMG_4809Top&Skirt, Choker set&Finger rings: Forever21, Cuff: Avon, Shoes:Pavers England

May is here! And so is the amplified heat. Is it only me or is the weather a lot warmer this year?! Somehow, I’m not complaining. I love the flowy summer silhouettes that otherwise stick to the skin during the monsoons and during the winters, they just don’t hold enough appeal. There’s just something about a summer vibe that calls for delicate fabrics and happy designs. It also calls for brunch dates!

I chose to pair this cold shoulder satin ruffle sleeve top with a knit olive green skirt. Since the top was flowy, the perfect way to balance it on my body-shape would be to pair it with something form-fitting. Another great option to pair the top with would be ankle length deep blue skinny jeans. I wanted to keep the feeling a little airy, so I decided to wear my 3 piece chocker set, a cuff and a couple of delicate finger rings.


Sheer Lace&Right Attitude

Happy April, y’all!

The summers have rolled in- with sweat bombs in tow! And while conscious plus size girls watch the other girls wear shorts, crop tops or sheer clothes, we feel deflated because we want to and we think we will never be able to. After all, someone with thick arms, huge thighs or a paunch must be damned to a certain way of dressing, right? WRONG! It is time to break that myth in our heads and take one step forward towards our hearts desires. Your mind is the only barrier you will ever face.

Start with baby steps. Pair long sheer tops over crop tops. Or wear fishnet stockings under those shorts. Keep it comfortable. Experiment. Observation will always reveal what flatters you. As y’all know, black is my favourite colour. I picked this sheer lacy slit slip dress. I decided to pair it with an old crop top I had and black leggings. Since the neckline was a deep V, I saw the opportunity to wear this necklace that was in my closet for around 2 years now. Because I wore the statement necklace, I chose black shoes and stuck to minimal jewellery(couple of finger rings and a watch). If you want to pair this attire with a choker or long earrings, you can opt for shoes in metallic colours keeping the look elegant.

Keeping in mind my statement necklace, which is so close to my face, I decided to ditch the smokey eyes and instead, opted for glossy eyes and a classic red lip.

Hope you enjoy the post!

IMG_4737IMG_4757IMG_4744IMG_4746IMG_4752Slip dress: Forever21, Necklace: Blissbox, Watch: Guess, Rings: Forever21, Shoes: Intoto



Knowing My Bodytype

IMG_4685IMG_4695IMG_4702IMG_4694IMG_4704IMG_4700T-shirt and Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Metro

I have come to realise over a period, that enforcing love for yourself is the most difficult thing to do. I am now a borderline narcissist but there was a time where I looked down upon myself because I listened to some people judge me for being a plus size and I assumed that others thought that too. But you see, I was my own enemy. I came to realise (much later than I now wish) that most people are extremely loving and we often let a few harsh words sculpt our minds. I once read a quote, “Tell a girl she’s pretty a hundred times and she may still not believe it, but tell her she’s ugly just once and she will”. Sadly, that is true.

Who the hell are these people to define you or anyone? You can be any size, shape or colour. How you perceive yourself is exactly how the world perceives you. It took me a couple of years to figure that out, but here I am.

I put thought into everything I wear keeping my body type in mind. I am an hourglass and I’m short. So, I usually base my outfit around a clinched natural waist. When I saw the black dress(yes it is a dress, the part on the top is basically a tank made out of t-shirt like knit material that I would never just wear by itself), I fell in love with the skirt. I chose to pair it with a Mickey Mouse printed lace-up t-shirt. I took the excess fabric, twisted it into a knot around my natural waist and tucked it upwards so it stayed there. I keep in mind the length of my clothes to complement my height. I usually steer away from anything that goes below the narrowest part of my ankle. The electric blue lace-ups were my icing (but if you want to play safe, you can totally pair this look with black boots or black pumps).

If you or anyone you know ever need advice on styling your bodytype, you can DM me on Insta, drop a message on Facebook or hit contact in the menu above. Until then, always remember, like Eminem said, “Don’t let them say you ain’t beautiful. Just stay true to you”.


Comfortable Travel Attire


Hey guys!

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know how much I love road trips. And the most important thing to make them enjoyable is dressing comfortably. But dressing comfortably doesn’t necessarily mean stepping out in pyjamas or track-suits. Here, I have worn a grey and white t-shirt that has light silver threads knit into it with black jeans. The partial tucking separates it from regular t-shirt styling. To liven it up a little, I chose to pair the outfit with my neon pink running trainers. I there on a gunmetal choker and white watch. I purchased the watch from Archies due to the chic dial and changed  I also painted my lips in a bright pink to match the trainers. A funky pair of sunglasses later, I was all set to go!

Let me know how you like it!

T-shirt: Lifestyle, Choker: Lifestyle, Watch: Archies+Customisation, Sunglasses: Quay, Trainers: Nike




Effortless Streetstyle


It is very rare for me to wake up in a mood where I don’t want to spend too much time on dressing up. And while I used to succumb to dressing in my tracks on those days years ago, it all changed once I consciously formed the habit of using my mind to map out safe choices. It didn’t take long for my mind to start experimenting there too. Also, the outfits on these days are comparatively effortless.

When I woke up this morning, I was running late AND I wasn’t in the mood to dress up. So, I decided on my super comfortable long top. Since the look of the top was very laid-back, I chose to pair it with my distressed denims. And then all I had to do to make the look standout, was a little tampering. I chose to knot it at the side as opposed to the front as it drew attention away from my middle. I rolled up my jeans and decided to glam the look a little with silver heels. A statement ring later, I was done!

What is your go to look for those days? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Top: Lokhandwala market, Jeans: Vero Moda, Watch: Guess, Ring: Forever21, Shoes: Lavie, Sunglasses: Rayban


Summer Love :)



I’ve realised over time how little value women have for themselves given our society and thus, they lack self-confidence. Most women do not reach their full potential because they subconsciously look down upon themselves.
So what if you’re fat, or skinny, or short, or too tall, or have dark skin? Does that diminish the heart, mind and soul? Should that diminish your worth? Time is the most valuable thing and I strongly believe that every woman must spend some quality time with herself. Beginning your day by putting thought into what you wear and taking that extra effort makes for a confident gait. Making it a habit will change how you look at and value yourself. Pamper yourself. Love yourself. You cannot give love if you don’t have love. You cannot give happiness if you’re not happy.
That being said, summer is here!! And I know I say this for every season, but I love summers! Its just the excitement of changing the little things in how I dress that excite me so much. Isn’t it weird? The colours and type of clothes change, but the style always remains the same. I guess that is what Yves Saint Laurent meant when he said “Style is eternal”.
I had to hit the beach for my first post. Bright colours and a happy vibe were all the positivity I needed to hit it off!
Happy Summer, y’all!
Dress: AND, Choker and Rings: Forever21

Happy Valentines Day!


Valentine’s, the day of love. I wanna tell you guys, if you have a partner, great! If you don’t have one, that’s great too. Because what I’m about to say goes for both the cases. Love yourself first. We come alone and we are leaving alone. The only person you can count on at the end of the day, is yourself. The only person who knows the truth about every single thought running in your head, is yourself. Good or bad, no one knows you better than you. And no one should.

This Valentine, I urge you to pamper yourself and love yourself. Indulge in yourself. Trust me, you’ll be able to give and receive much better when you value and respect yourself. Remember, you can not give what you don’t have. I love you guys!

Happy Valentines!



Valentines with Liberent!

If you’re anything like me, you hate repeating your clothes- dresses, to be precise. Separates are totally workable since I can mix and match them, but dresses? They’re a whole different story. Besides, dresses are just so feminine. Who wouldn’t want to wear a new one every time?

Hence, when I came across Liberent, I picked 2 looks for this Valentine’s. The quality of the fabric is great. The designs are well-fitted. The service was prompt.


I picked this dress for a Valentine brunch out with my girls. With the weather fluctuating between cool and warm, the comfort of this dress was is a saviour! I paired the dress with comfy-yet-chic sandals. The turquoise statement necklace and ring lift up the blues in the outfit. I matched my brown watch to the faux-fur on my sandals and voila! All set.Dress: Liberent, Necklace: Zara, Ring: Accessorise, Shoes: Zara



And how could I not include a red? What I love about this dress is the design. I wanted this look to be elegant so I accessorised it with long single string earrings. I kept my shoes and watch within the copper/rose gold family to match with the red.Dress: Liberent, Earrings: Forever21, Watch: Guess, Shoes: Pavers England



How To Break A Traditional Ethnic Into Separates


Have you ever struggled with those heavy ethnic outfits just lying in your wardrobe? I swear, mine only see the world outside home on weddings. Hence, when I came across an old outfit, I couldn’t resist picking the ethnic designed long shrug that was a part of it. You can pick bits off too. Maybe the anarkali top by itself as a dress. Just make sure that they’re in good condition.

For this look, I used my black leggings and a long black tank as a base. I added the gold belt to accentuate my curves (you know I love my bling). I paired them with my black stilettos for a more balanced effect. A pair of gold earrings, a pendant, a watch and a few rings for finger-swag later, I was done.

I would love to know if you try wearing your ethnics as separates. Do email pictures to me.

Earrings: Zara, Pendant: Forever21, Belt: Vero Moda, Watch: Guess, Rings: Koovs(1st finger), Vero Moda(2nd finger), Shoes: Koovs.

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