Denim On Denim On Denim

While studying fashion, I read an article that busted a few fashion no-nos. One of them was Denim on Denim. I can’t even imagine a time where it was a fashion no-no. I absolutely love denims and I have quite a few pieces that are all convenient to style when I’m running short of time. Paring an entire denim look is just so effortlessly stylish!

I wanted to take my look up a notch for y’all. Hence, the denim on denim on denim look!


I really wanted to experiment with how 3 denim pieces (barring a jacket) looked together and was so pleased with the outcome that I had to share it with you guys!

I wore a pair of blue denims, and added a long denim kurta (which I had worn previously here). I then chose an embellished denim shirt to top the look. As you all know, I love knotting my shirts up and hence I left a few buttons undone at the bottom and tied a knot where my natural waist is. I just made sure that there was a shade variation between all my denim pieces. Since I wanted the focus to be on the denim pieces and the shirt was already adorned, I decided to keep the accessories to a minimum. I wore my nude heels, put on a statement ring, my Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling watch and cuff, and I was set to go.


I hope you guys enjoyed this look.

If you have any suggestions or requests for any look, do let me know!

Until next time. xoxo

P.S.: I got a new haircut!


What is body positivity? Ft. Clinic Metamorphosis

Like many others, I jumped on the bandwagon of ‘body positive’ women because I strongly believe in loving yourself and not shaming your body. And I still believe that is how one should be. And ever since I started loving myself, I started eating right to respect my body. And when I realised that wasn’t the only thing to help my body, I decided to visit Clinic Metamorphosis. When I met the consultant, she explained to me how much danger my body was in with the amount of fat accumulated around my vital organs. Blame it on my crazy schedule or my procrastination when it comes to actually having my body sweat, I knew I needed a push. I immediately signed up for 15 sessions. And it helped me vastly!

In those 15 sessions, I lost around 5kgs (and to be honest, this was even though I failed to maintain my lost weight a couple of times). The process is very simple, they use various techniques ranging from laser to EMV to heat to target the problem area. And those techniques help break down your fats. Adding in a little workout (even a 30 minute walk)  will help further. I make and attend a few long phone calls throughout the day, so unless I’m taking notes, that’s when I try and walk a little more. The best part was, I could still continue working throughout my sessions. My Instagram uploads, emails, phone calls and research (all things that could be done over the phone) were allotted to those 90 minutes! And if I had free time, I had a TV at my disposal. There wasn’t a moment when I didn’t know the details of my treatment. I was explained my procedure before every session so well, that I can explain the benefits of each of them to anyone!

Now, I know some of you may feel that body positivity is embracing yourself the way you are. And in a way, it is. You must embrace yourself no matter what. But isn’t body positivity also respecting yourself? Respecting your health in the long term? Being body positive shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy living or unhealthy habits.

Even though I now workout on days that I can manage and try to eat as much healthy food as possible, I still love my curves and my size. I may lose some weight, but hey, who’s knees will be happier in the next 20 years? Mine! Who’s body organs will thank them? Mine!

IMG_5773 copyIMG_5807 copyIMG_5777 copyIMG_5804 copy

If you’ve followed me on Instagram for long, you’ll notice the way I pose has become bolder and that is because I’m loving the change within me. It’s not about how much weight I lost, trust me, I don’t really care. It is about how much difference I feel in the way I am. I was metamorphosed by Metamorphosis! You can check them out here and you Instagram lovers can check them out here. You can also write to me on my email id and I will get back to you within 24 hours!

All in all, I would encourage each of you to love yourself and treat your body with as much love, care and respect as much you’d like to be treated by someone else. And don’t wait, just take the plunge. Now is the time.

Love always, xoxo


2 Ways to Style A Simple Asymmetric Top

Hi Guys!

I know its been awfully long since my last blogpost. But I am back now and I’ve been working on something that you’ll will know in the next week or so. I’m super excited!

Coming on to this post now.

Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that was just lying in your wardrobe forever and you always wore it in the same boring way? Yeah. This top was that for me. And I realised when I recently looked at it (with my year old newfound sense of style) that there are definitely a couple of ways I could wear it differently. Take a look.

IMG_5582Top: AND

This is the top. And I always wore it with leggings or high waist jeans. But given my body shape, I realised it just looked bleh. It is safe to assume, that looking bleh was the reason it was in hiding for so long. I have always stood by my belief that a right fit can change the game. So I decided to create structure using two techniques as follows:

  1. Belt it upIMG_5630IMG_5626IMG_5618Leggings: Khodal, Earrings: Koovs, Belt: Vero Moda

    Belting a lose top at the right spot is always a great idea to add structure to any outfit. And for a curvy woman, the right spot is ALWAYS the narrowest part of your waist.

    Since the top was one solid colour, I decided to play with a little print and hence I used printed leggings in the same colour family. To break the monotony of the blues, I added a slim brown belt with gold detailing to match the buttons in the top. And because I had already played around so much, I paired this look with nude heels. A brown watch to match the belt and gold hoop earrings later, I was done!


  2. Knot it up IMG_5672I opened the last 2 buttons of the top and tied the ends together, pulling them till they reached my natural waist in height.

IMG_5646IMG_5642IMG_5639IMG_5661Skirt: Forever21, Necklace: Zara, Watch: Fossil, Heels: Catwalk

Because the flow of the top had reduced drastically after tying the ends into a knot at the front, I chose to pair this top with a tight-fitted black knee length skirt. I opened the topmost button and put on a statement necklace to enhance the dressy vibe of the outfit. I then paired the look with bronze metallic heels to add a little more oomph and wore a bronze watch to complete the look.

These are two easy and simple ways to style any loose fitting asymmetric top irrespective of your size and shape. Both these tricks will work as effectively on you as they did on me.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do let me know which look you like better in the comments below.

Until next time! xoxo



7 Sure-Shot Ways To Develop A Fab Relationship With Your Sibling

Whenever I post my pictures with my brother(which is quite often and they’re usually supported by cheesy captions), my friends tell me they could never have a relationship like ours. In fact, a lot of people have told us this.

Let me tell you, up until we were kids, we couldn’t see eye to eye. As we grew up, our bond kept growing stronger till it became impenetrable. This didn’t happen overnight. We made conscious efforts towards this(with a lot of guidance from Dad).

So, if you wish you’d have such an amazing bond with your sibling too, here are 7 ways that will surely yield results:-

1: Have A Heart To Heart


This HAS to be the first step. It is imperative that you know if you’ll are on the same page. A lot of times, people assume things about each other and don’t bother clarifying because they feel their assumptions are right. But that usually is not the case. Having a heart to heart will not only mean you’re clearing any hidden hurt from the past, it will also make you realise where to be careful in the future. Speaking about everything you and your sibling are holding in, will make it easier to let go. Repeat this from time to time.

2: Acknowledge Your Differences

_MG_9495 copy

This is a step that is essential for any relationship to survive. My brother and I are both extremely strong personalities and sometimes we do come head-on, but we’re both aware of who the other person is and that makes it easier to handle a situation. For example, We’re both workaholics. But where he likes to work under a serious mood all the time, I need my music. Where he prefers delegating, I end up taking more on my plate than I should be handling. But we are well aware of our differences and that helps us understand each other better.

3: Bond Over The Similarities


It is impossible that you would have zero similarities with your sibling. My brother and I bond over a lot of mutual likings- cars, fine living, work and each other. By some weird luck, if you don’t have any similarities, develop them like I did with this one- my brother loves watching WWE. Years ago(when I was in Junior College) I used to cringe at the sight of violence, but I started watching this with him and we’d then have long discussions over the matches. It has been years, but we still wake up early every year to watch Wrestlemania together.

4: Understand

_MG_9708 copy

I’m sure you’ve heard of this and think this is pretty self-explanatory. But this is easier said than done. Everyone is understanding up until the point you’re actually in need. You know your sibling loves you. That means, just like I’m sure your intent is, their intent too is of your best interest when they give you an advice you don’t like or state an opinion that’s hard to digest. Under these circumstances, you must consider their intent before drawing up conclusions.

5: Trust


Again, this is easier said than done. We’ve established that you both have pure intentions towards each other. But, these can be the cause of meddling too. You have to trust your sibling enough to make their decisions and learn from them(unless they’re considering murder, of course). Space is essential for growth. Hence, trust your sibling, give them the space they deserve and need and watch your relationship flourish.

6: Spend Quality Time

_MG_9739 copy

The most difficult thing to do today is to keep your phone away. Especially when you’re in your comfort zone with someone as special as your sibling. But, because your sibling is so special, doesn’t he/she deserve more attention? Set a side a couple of hours each week and spend time together. Joke about things, talk about your dreams and discuss real-life situations. Trust me, nothing connects anyone better than a genuine conversation. (Throw in a few hugs. I tend to hug him till he gets frustrated)

7: Value Them- And Show It


It is truly said that the ones closest to us are often taken for-granted. Which is the worst thing to do. Sure, I assume (and rightly so) that he’s going to be there for me through my highs and lows. But, I make it a point for him and everyone I love to know how much they mean to me on a regular basis. I like writing, so I express through words and sometimes letters. He’s not one to say it, but he expresses it through gestures. When he comes to pick me up, the car often has balloons (oh, how I love them!) inside. Establish a way, but let them know how much they mean to you on the regular.


At the end though, it always boils down to how badly you want it and how much you’re willing to work for it because just step 1 could take you weeks depending on where you’ll stand at the time of beginning.

Do let me know if you find this helpful and if you have a sibling relation that’s as special as mine, I would love to hear all about it!!

Until next time, xoxo.


How So Glam? Ft. Deepen Sharma

CO2A1129 copyCO2A1110 copyCO2A1164 copyCO2A1149 copyCO2A1253 copyCO2A1258 copyCO2A1120 copyCO2A1180 copyCO2A1291 copy

What is freedom? Someone I knew was once asked this question and that got me thinking. Of course, the perception of freedom is subjective. But freedom to me is being able to set your own boundaries. Freedom to me is being able to claim your space and spread your wings as far as you can. Freedom to me is being able to learn from your mistakes rather than being forced to imagine conflicts.

I met this guy, Deepen Sharma when I was in college. I was instantly mesmerised by his charisma and the confidence with which he carried himself. So, years later, when I wanted to write about freedom and create a concept that had its own wings, he was the first person I thought of. And boy, was I glad I did. This shoot was a whirlwind.

We’re both distinct strong personalities. We’re both confident in our skin. Which is why we’re able to rock our looks all the time. We’ve both developed it over time. What I mean to say is, loving yourself is something that needs to be developed in most people. It is a conscious effort. You must look at yourself positively and cut all negativity out- because you don’t deserve that shit. And when you find someone that pushes you forward just as much as you push them (these are most often angels disguised as friends), stick to them. There’s nothing like reminiscing over the stories of growing together.

Love yourself, value yourself. And I swear, no one can put you down. Ever. Not without your permission at least.

Love you Dee!

P.S: Would love to know what you guys want to see next!

P.P.S: This candid is everything.

Makeup by Simmy Goraya

Photographer Shawn Vaz

Location: Queens Kitchen & Mocktails


CO2A1159 copy

Until next time, xoxo.


Right Way To Style A Floral Print Dress


Dress: LASTINCH, Sunglasses: Forever21, Earrings: Pantaloons

This dress had me hooked the moment I laid eyes on it. I was browsing through the collections of an online plus size fashion clothing brand LASTINCH when I saw this dress (which is on sale at the moment) and I HAD to get it even though florals are not usually my style. But you know what they say (they meaning I), go for what your heart calls out to. When this dress arrived, I was surprised at the good quality and feel of the fabric. And when I tried it out, it fit me just right!

I had also recently taken a liking to these pink reflector sunglasses and I just knew in my gut that I had to pair the two together. Hence, to balance the print and reflectors, I decided to keep the heels nude. For my accessories, I chose a simple pair of hoop earrings to complete this look.

Let me know how you like this look or how you would style it!

Until next time, xoxo!


Embracing Yourself Ft. Pooja Shah

Being happy and carefree. Loving yourself for who you are. Letting go of your inhibitions. Setting yourself free. Being positive. Attracting your desired life. Standing tall. Empowering and inspiring yourself and then others. Building up and growing together.

Few things are essential for your survival. For a sane and healthy mind. How you look at them defines your very being. And how you live them decides your mental health in the long run. A lot of you may not know, but sometime back, I was depressed. I kept looking for validation and happiness everywhere but within. I felt a void in me that I thought only something external could fill. But it obviously didn’t despite all my efforts. My will to move past the depression made me introspect on my thought patterns. On how I was affecting myself and I only had myself to blame for that. And that was a good thing, since it was only I that could rectify.

Ever since I made up my mind, I have the best relationship with myself. All of those things I’ve mentioned above, are an essential part of me today. This amazing friend of mine, Pooja Shah who I’ve known for over 8 years now had the exact same mindset. We have varied physiques but she’s the sunshine to my intensity. We wanted to catch our differences and our similarities in these pictures and I’m elated that we did!


Until next time, xoxo.

P.S: Check the man who did a brilliant job at capturing us and our vibes Parth Gada.

P.P.S: We’ve crossed 10K on Instagram!! Thank you for your constant love and support.



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