I remember, even as a child, I always was attracted to spooky things. I would ask friends in school to tell me any scary stories they knew. As soon as I was old enough, I started watching anything scary I could get my hands on. The Adams Family was my favourite. So, for my Halloween costume, I took a trip down the memory lane.

The dress is self-designed. I took inspiration from Morticia Adams. I loved how elegant she always looked, how poised she always was, and that straight face, all the time. And I swear, while shooting this whole look, I had their title track playing in my mind, throughout.

I hope you like this. Wish you all a belated Happy Halloween!



Diwali Outfit

With Diwali coming up, I couldn’t not design my own outfit!

So, I set to sketching. I am a bling person as long as it is moderated and most definitely if it’s concentrated on one part. Also, I’ve always loved high necks and chokers making it a definite to have the bling concentrated there.

Where I would wear this apart from Diwali? Any function that demanded an Indian attire or an event hosted in the evening or night.

Here’s wishing you guys a Happy Diwali in advance 🙂


Shoes: Lavie

Ring: Avon

Location: China Pavilion



Mom & Me at La Prairie


With a week to go for Diwali, primping our homes is not the only change we go for. With us ladies, this is another excuse to go splurge on ourselves. So I thought, why not take my mom out for something different this time? I wanted her to have a different experience as opposed to the routine facials she always went for. I visited La Prairie during one of my trips to the mall and discovered the amazingly unique range of products they have. Upon speaking to them, they offered a facial service for mom using their special Skin Caviar range.

The most amazing thing about this range is the use of caviar extracts in this entire range that helps your skin get a naturally healthy glow. Regular usage over a period provides permanent change. Each product has high coverage, the smoothest texture and a distinct fragrance.

This is how she looked before her facial service (she has her compact on):


The products used in order (L-R)


Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion, Essence of Skin Caviar Eye Complex, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream, Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and Cellular Swiss UV Protection(SPF 50)

This is after her facial service:


The difference was instant and amazing. Her skin had a dewy natural glow, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

She said “The cleanser (Skin Caviar Essence-In-Lotion) used did not dry my skin at all like the other ones we use. This one hydrated my skin. I could easily skip the moisturiser if I wanted. The products have left my skin feeling supple and well hydrated but not greasy, unlike when I use the usual products. I did not even know my under-eye was dehydrated until I felt the serum seep in. Service was great. Would recommend this to all.”

While she was getting her facial service, I looked around a little more and found other extremely fascinating ranges. They were happy to let me sample a few:

The Cellular Radiance Rangeimg_3028

Considering the 24karat gold particles, I had to try their serum.

At first, I thought the gold particles as seen in the serum, would be visible as particles over my skin. But after massaging the serum in my skin, I realised they only left behind a healthy yellow-undertone finish. The serum kept my skin hydrated till the next morning.

Platinum Rangeimg_3030

Just like the gold range had gold particles, this infamous range has platinum particles. I sampled their moisturiser.

The texture was dense, but it blended into my skin smoothly. This one left behind a white-undertone glow. The platinum particles are used to make the skin tight and supple.

They also have a range of cleansers and toners. The toners do not take away the natural hydration of your skin and work wonders due to the amount of quality ingredients present in them.





While their skincare products are already so nourishing, I also found their limited cosmetic range to have a excellent hydrating capabilities. Upon my request, they applied their Skin Caviar Concealer+Foundation(which comes with that cute little brush) on my mother’s face finishing it with a light brush of the compact.


Even just the cosmetics are so hydrating, you can skip the moisturiser altogether. And the sunscreen too, since they contain SPF15.

Here’s how she looked after:



These foundations come in different high and medium coverages with ample shades to choose from.

They have only one bronzer, but it is the one of the best I have used so far. The shade is perfect for most indian skin tones and even though it is glittery, the finish is dewy.



Last, but not the least; I am also in love with their fragrance named Life Threads Gold.


They have a lot more products, but it would take several posts to cover everything up. Skincare is a long-term investment, and I am glad there are brands like these that put in so much effort and research to give us its worth.

My mother felt pampered and loved. So will yours. Go take her out this week, for a little treat, for a little pampering.

Their store is at Palladium, Mumbai.



Rosy Red

Red. The symbolisms of this colour are as varied as contradictory amongst themselves. There’s blood and fire, love, passion, desire, heat, lust, sexuality, sensitivity, romance,  rage, danger, malice, wrath, action, vibrance, radiance, and determination.

For me, it has always been love and passion. Hence, I always relate it to roses. So when I came across this off shoulder crop top, I couldn’t help but want to put it up for you guys. The patterns of the lace are so floral, the colour so vibrant, they add a pop and appeal to anything you pair them with.


Crop top: Forever21

Tank: Zara

Shoes: Rocky Star


5 days of glittery flats challenge!

I love glitter and sparkle, albeit in moderation. So when I purchased these flats from Head Over Heels at Westside, I was so smitten that I decided to take up a 5 day challenge of wearing only them as my footwear. Having a busy week ahead, these were just perfect as they provided comfort, a little glam and the almond shaped toes made them look a wee bit formal too.


Day 1


I started out simple, matching them with a slip-dress and a long shirt that had the exact same shade of blue as my flats. I added my Zara choker to complete the look for the day.

Day 2


Since I had a few meetings, I decided to pair these shoes with my navy blue formal pants, an oversize Global Desi crop top that had little yellow pom-poms. To add a little extra colour, I put on my neon pink hoop earrings that I had purchased from Forever21 and a yellow strapped watch which I picked up at an exhibition while in Gujarat.

Day 3


I have this uncanny habit of stealing my father’s and brother’s clothes. This old Spykar shirt was stolen from my father’s wardrobe. I paired it with matching blue jeggings and a black tank top. To add more structure and break the monotonous colours, I put on black and tan slim belts.


Day 4


This camouflage print denim has always been my favourite, but most difficult to pair fashionably. I put on my Zara crop top and paired the attire with my Vero Moda tote.

PS: Since I was asked quite a lot about the lip shade, its Chilli by MAC.

Day 5


I am crazy about layering. For this look, I paired a Forever21 slip dress with my Ginger sweater over black stockings. The necklace is from Forever21 too.

Since I loved my make-up that day, here’s a bonus picture 🙂



Fashion Designing? HELL YEAH!

Do you know that feeling? The one you get when you’ve known your purpose and strayed from it? That is exactly what I had for over 2 years and stopped having a couple weeks back.

I fought tooth and nail to study fashion because that’s what I grew up around. Watching all these pretty dresses and ripped jeans being manufactured in my father’s export factory, I kept dreaming of growing up one day and owning them all! And when I did start studying fashion designing, the realisation of the depth and intricacy, the nights where I lost sleep, the countless tests and jury’s only added to my excitement. I had found my love. And then, I strayed. For two years.

The style section in this blog was a baby step to what I subconsciously knew all along. I could never give up on designing. I mean, I have question papers from my 7th grade where I sketched a design in the middle of an examination and a whole folder of drawings of clothes that I passed around the class back in school. So, with a lot of courage, I knew I had to begin again. Go back through my journals of patterns and start anew. This is the first dress I designed for myself a couple of weeks back, including the print. There are more to come.

However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this process, girls, is to take what you want. Do not wait for it to come to you. Make it faster. Time is the only thing you will never have enough of.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Dress: Self-Designed

Earrings: Pantaloons

Choker: Katha

On my wrist: Chain from Accessorize

Ring: H&M

Shoes: Lavie


Fringe Binge

SAM_1736SAM_1737 copySAM_1745

Everyone has those dark, uncertain phases. And while you’re in the midst of an internal war, there are some external factors, that always – and I mean always- bring peace to you, long enough to make a difference and calm you down. For me, anything that’s a part of nature does it. The calm it brings to me is enough to remind myself that each one of us has a light inside us, one that we must persevere to keep lit.

This all black outfit exudes all the chaos I felt inside at that point, yet the gold hues indicate that light and the red pout, strength.

Tank – Zara, Kimono – Koovs, Shoes – Catwalk, Choker – Zara, On my lips – Ruby Woo and Sin by MAC

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