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Hey y’all! If you’ve been following my Instagram, you’ll have read my post on how I’ve been subconsciously trying to write about mental health and where I stand today with it. Each of us go through phases. Some good, some bad. But who we are is a reflection of what we’ve learnt and implemented. I was someone who had become emotionally unavailable to people due … Read More Naked


Vampire Facial ft. Clinic Metamorphosis

Let me begin by stating that I’m not someone who blindly follows influencer trends. But ever since I saw Kim Kardashian’s blood smeared face, I wondered why she would do that. Further research brought me to the PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment, infamously known as the Vampire facial. It was a little difficult to digest the benefits that protein from our own blood could deliver. … Read More Vampire Facial ft. Clinic Metamorphosis


What is body positivity? Ft. Clinic Metamorphosis

Like many others, I jumped on the bandwagon of ‘body positive’ women because I strongly believe in loving yourself and not shaming your body. And I still believe that is how one should be. And ever since I started loving myself, I started eating right to respect my body. And when I realised that wasn’t the only thing to help my body, I decided … Read More What is body positivity? Ft. Clinic Metamorphosis


Happy Valentines Day!

Valentine’s, the day of love. I wanna tell you guys, if you have a partner, great! If you don’t have one, that’s great too. Because what I’m about to say goes for both the cases. Love yourself first. We come alone and we are leaving alone. The only person you can count on at the end of the day, is yourself. The only person … Read More Happy Valentines Day!

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