IMG_1359All over the internet, I see people state how a woman should love herself inside out irrespective of her size, weight, skin colour, body shape, financial status, love life, I could keep on naming the factors and most of them may hit home. I agree. Loving yourself is most important. After all, who will love you more than you can ? Who knows the depth of your passions, desires and wild dreams better than you do ? How will you ever love completely, freely and selflessly if you’re not utterly in love with yourself ?

And for all these reasons, the bottom of which stems from feeling good about yourself, because you must love yourself – body, mind and soul – it is important to stay fit and healthy. Most of us have had short phases of workout routines or diets, whether we have been able to keep up or not, none of us can deny how much more confident they make us feel. Because its an effort in yourself, it is taking care of yourself, it is pampering yourself and loving yourself all twisted in one beautiful melody. Now, in no way am I saying you need to fit in a stereotype, be a particular size or weigh a certain number. But, how are you doing yourself justice if you can not climb 5 flights of stairs or jog a little without running out of breath ? How will you be able to push your physical self enough to run and escape an emergency ? Not to mention, not remaining healthy invites a lot of conditions, diabetes and thyroid being a common pair out of the many. How are you loving yourself when your organs are protesting ? And then we conveniently blame it on our parts not being enough. It’s easy to say “Oh, my stomach is upset”. Have you ever wondered who the cause is ?

The sad part is, most of us are already aware of all this. We just don’t have enough control. Honestly, in blatant words, that means you don’t love and respect your body enough. That you take it for granted.

But, what if I tell you that its possible to eat all those delicacies without harming yourself ? I have lost 13 kilos in 45 days, most of which is only due to elimination of certain wrong items in our daily diet. I have a regular intake of ice creams, those I just could never live without. All I did was eliminate all carbohydrates that come from grains. I will share all the recipes that helped me right here.

Workout, on the other hand, requires a little motivation. There are various routines that can be done in the comfort of your home. And there are so many you can switch them up if like me, you’re not a fan of monotonous workout routines. There are a lot of little tricks, will post on that later, that you can add in throughout the day that make you more upbeat and energetic.

This is my journey to a better long lasting health and I want you to be a part of it.

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