Top- Koovs, Jeans- Vero Moda, Pumps- Lulu&Sky, Jewellery- The Populor

Let me start at the beginning of 6th April, 2019.

I knew where I had to shoot for the day and I knew I wanted to wear something refreshing- something that wasn’t all black as was usual to me because I had felt a shift in me.

I first tried on the crop top with a skirt and felt it was just so regular- it stirred nothing within me. And then I thought of pairing it with these jeans. Now, I knew they were mid rise and that a significant part of my tummy (that I always kept covered despite having dared to show my midriff sometimes) would show. But I fell in love with how this looked on me and knew I had to capture this. So I finished this look with my stilettos, statement earrings and a cuff.

Armed with Priti (who is my partner at The Populor and always a support since I’ve always felt so comfortable with her behind the lens) and some confidence, I headed to shoot.

We clicked some lovely pictures on the 1st floor of the location, but as I stepped down the stairs to the lower level, the female behind the counter gave me a glance and looked away, clearly uncomfortable.

For a split second, it did make me want to pull my top a little lower to cover my waist. But I decided against it. Because you see, I had broken such a huge barrier in my head about a norm for plus size women that I didn’t want to go back. I had felt beautiful and gorgeous and fabulous while clicking these pictures and I fell so much more in love with my skin than ever before.

But above all, I realised how much stronger this little step had made me. I don’t blame that lady, she was clearly taken by surprise because while it is absolutely normal for plus size ladies to wear tummy revealing sarees, it’s very preposterous for a woman to do the same in a “western outfit”, isn’t it?

Well, that was the moment when I vowed to not let myself feel that way again. Nor should you. Every time I’ve faced a barrier, I’ve used it as a beacon to give me direction on what to break next. That is how I lift myself higher. I hope this helps you. The next time you want to pull out a crop top, don’t think twice. Wear it. Own it.

Until next time.


Dimple xx

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