Hello my lovelies!

It’s been a while, but heads up- this is probably going to sound like a long rant. But I promise, it has been long coming and is much needed.

I’m a part of a club that meets once a week. On Sunday, one of the members on the stage was correcting another member and said she had “an Alia Bhatt moment”*. About a 100 people laughed and all I could do was fume at their willingness to make light of someone’s mistake. Especially since I know for a fact that he wouldn’t have the answers to every single question under the sun. I mean, its okay to make a mistake. But imagine being a household joke even 6 years later!! It’s preposterous! And it isn’t about just her, I could state a hundred examples from how often I’ve seen this in my day to day life. And I’m sure you have too.

Which brings me to an important question. Why are we okay with putting someone down for our amusement? Why is it okay to give ourselves temporary happiness at the expense of someone else?

Upon delving deep into this and observing the people around, I’ve come to the conclusion that for most times, only someone who isn’t whole within themselves would be okay with feeling better about themselves by putting someone else down. Only someone who doesn’t love themselves would want to hurt someone else because let’s face it- hurt breeds hurt. And I get it, but it’s so unhealthy in the long run for you more than anyone else.

And of course Alia wasn’t present at the meeting, but is that a habit you want to inculcate within you? Is that the kind of person you want to be? Because I swear, this isn’t a one time thing. Once you get a taste for this, you’re going to quickly move from celebrities to neighbours and then to your dear ones. And you will end up hurting them. So the next time you catch yourself in the act, I implore you to ask yourself why. Because if you introspect, you will find a part of you that needs healing.

Heal it. Watch what you speak. Love and respect people and I swear it will come back tenfold. Because if hurt breeds hurt, then love nurtures love. For sure.

I love you guys


*For those of you who don’t know the moment he was referring to, it was when Alia Bhatt named the wrong person as the President of India at her Koffee with Karan debut episode back in 2013

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